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Since launching in 2009, Parent Revolution has worked with thousands of families, organizing to improve educational opportunities in their communities. Parent Revolution played a leading role in passing and implementing California’s historic Parent Empowerment Act, which was signed into law in 2010. Now, we support public school families in Los Angeles and throughout California as they advocate for a system in which parents have the power to strengthen their children’s education.

Too often, the voices of families - particularly families from low-income communities - have been absent in decision-making about the public education system. As a result, the needs of these communities have been systemically under-represented, contributing to the unacceptable achievement gap in Los Angeles and throughout California. Successfully transforming the public education system requires organized families to stand up and take on a greater role in shaping education policies at the district and statewide level.


Keshara Shaw's testifies in front of the California State Assembly's Education Committee regarding state law that governs interdistrict transfers.

changing systems

Parent Revolution convenes parent leaders to work toward systemic change in California's public education system. We host trainings and workshops, and build capacity amongst families so they can successfully engage state and local policymakers. Parents build their own skills, leverage their power, and work collectively to influence policies at the state and local level.


changing minds

We work to elevate the parent perspective on pressing public education issues with elected officials, education leaders, advocates, and the media. The Parent Power Network provides opportunities for parents to engage directly with media outlets to weigh in on key issues such as funding, accountability, and access to high quality schools.


CHANGing schools

Although there have been countless efforts to improve the lowest performing schools over the past decade, there are still hundreds of schools in Los Angeles and California that are failing to provide students with an adequate education. Many of these schools have been failing for decades, and are lacking any sort of concerted turnaround effort to dramatically improve performance.

Parent Revolution helps families to organize together and work for significant changes in some of the lowest performing schools in Los Angeles. Organizers work directly with parent leaders to help them engage other families and educators, decide what types of changes are needed to improve the school, and lead campaigns to win major changes for their students. In some cases, Parent Revolution helps families to use California's Parent Empowerment law, which gives families at failing schools significant new power to bring about changes.