The data used on this website comes from California’s official school rating tool: The California School Dashboard. In most cases this data is presented directly as it is calculated and available on the California Department of Education’s website.

The direct datasets include:

  • Colors Ratings (Red,Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue) by school for the following indicators, where available:

    • Math

    • English Language Arts

    • English Learner Progress

    • Suspension Rate

    • Graduation Rate

  • Individual schools may not have ratings for all indicators

    • Graduation rate is only available for schools with 12th grade graduation

    • High Schools do not receive an ELA or Math rating

    • English Learner Ratings are only available for schools with an English learner population that California considers significant (n size = 30)

    • ELA and Math exams are given in grades 3-8 and grade 11. Schools that only have grade K-2 do not have ELA or Math Ratings

  • Each of these Indicator Ratings is available for each school, by student group:

    • All Students

    • African American Students

    • Asian Students

    • English Learners

    • Latinx Students

    • Filipino Students

    • Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Students

    • Students With Disabilities

    • White Students

  • Subgroup ratings, on each indicator, are not available for every school

    • To receive a rating, a school must have at least 30 students in that group to report data