Parent Revolution, Speak UP and Great Public Schools Now Support a Yes Vote on Measure EE

May 15, 2019

In partnership with Great Public Schools Now, the parent leaders of Parent Revolution and Speak UP are engaging their communities to support Measure EE by knocking on doors to urge voters to vote “Yes” for the measure on June 4th.They join a diverse group of individuals and organizations aligned in support, including Mayor Eric Garcetti, labor groups, and philanthropy.

Public school families know that this is an opportunity for Los Angeles voters to prioritize education by voting to increase funding for all public schools, both district and charter, within the boundaries of Los Angeles Unified.  

“When it comes to Measure EE and fighting for our kids, we're all in the fight together. I am grateful that Great Public Schools Now, Parent Revolution and Speak UP are working so hard to pass Measure EE and lower class sizes in every school,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti.

“We have been advocating for more school funding for years. We must show Sacramento that we are serious and will do what is in our power locally to increase student success through funding. Our next step is in Sacramento. As a lifelong educator, former LAUSD student and now LAUSD mother, I know the importance of school funding. If we are serious about giving our children a fighting chance to compete globally, funding is critical,” said Ana Ponce, Executive Director of Great Public Schools Now.

Parent Revolution is committed to a future where Los Angeles’ public schools work for all children, not just some. An important part of that commitment is making sure that all public schools have the resources that they need to serve their students. We will continue to advocate for resources to be used equitably, where historically underserved communities get their fair share. And, we will continue to organize and advocate for a future where all public schools in Los Angeles use their resources to provide each and every student with a high-quality education that serves as a pathway to a successful life. 

“Parents expect and will demand that passage of this funding measure serves as the first step in a transformation of education in Los Angeles that can be measured by student outcomes,” said Seth Litt, Executive Director of Parent Revolution.