Los Angeles County School District By Median Income

There are 80 Public School Districts in Los angeles County. On the map below you can see where district Boundaries are drawn and those boundaries in Relation to median household income.

If families want to enroll their children in a school district across these boundaries, they can try to use the inter-district transfer process. To transfer they need permission from their current district to leave.

For the past two years Parent Revolution has tried to make it easier for low-income families, foster youth, migrant youth, English learners and youth who have been bullied to enroll across district lines by eliminating required permission from their home district.

In 2017 the Bill AB1482 was killed in committee. It was opposed by the California Teacher’s Association and The California School Boards Association.

In 2018 the bill passed both chambers of the California legislature unanimously, but was vetoed by Governor Brown.

Makes you wonder why these boundaries were drawn this way and why powerful groups want to make these invisible lines so real in children’s lives.