Parent Revolution’s mission is to ensure that families, especially those from historically underserved communities, can use their power to secure an excellent public education for their children, children in their community and all children in California.

Parent Revolution pursues this mission through a strategy that ensures that families have multiple tools to use their choices and their voices to create educational change at the individual, local and state level. The organizational model combines immediate individual change, through the Choice4LA program, with the opportunity for long-term collective change, through organizing, communications and advocacy.


Choice4LA is a free service in which Parent Revolution works directly with families in Los Angeles to find, apply for, and enroll in great schools for their children.

Choice4LA provides families with information, advice, and direct support to overcome barriers such as the lack of clear information, the insufficient supply of seats in high quality schools, and Los Angeles' complex public school choice landscape. Parent Revolution has served thousands of families, helping them choose quality public schools for their children.

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Parent Revolution partners with families as they build their knowledge of the public education system and empowers them to create district and state level change through organizing and advocacy.

We work to elevate the parent perspective on pressing public education issues with elected officials, education leaders, advocates, and the media. The Parent Power Network provides opportunities for parents to engage directly with decision-makers, organize within their communities, and weigh in on key issues such as funding, accountability, and access to high quality schools.

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In loving memory

Parent Revolution's beloved co-founder Shirley Ford passed away on Sunday, February 11th, 2018. 

Shirley was a fierce advocate and unapologetic champion for underserved children, especially children of color.  While the world is a little less bold and special with her gone, she leaves behind a strong legacy and mission that we continue to fight for. Click here to read a tribute to Shirley in the Los Angeles School Report.